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Q. What is RE:YU's?

A. RE:YU's is an eCommerce platform owned by HOYU Textile Co., LTD.

Q. What is the source of RE:YU's textiles?

A. All RE:YU's textiles are produced in Taiwan.

Q. How can I join RE:YU's?

A. RE:YU's works closely with outdoor designers and factories. 

Enter your email in the Input text at the bottom of the webpage to join.

Q. How to contact RE:YU's?

A. Fill in your contact information and questions on the 'Contact Us' page, and we will respond during service hours upon receiving it.

Working hours 09:00-18:00 (UTC+8). No service during the weekend.

  Products Information  


Q. I would like to purchase RE:YU's products, how can I get them?

A. RE:YU’s Ecommerce platform sells fabric per roll. You can join our member and ask for sample. 

You can also join our member and place orders directly.

Q. What are the benefits of purchasing from RE:YU's website?

A. We offer available products. It saves your time for production.

Q. I would like to have specific colours and finishing on my textiles. Is it possible?

A. Our eCommerce platform only sells available products. Please contact our service people for customised items.

Q. How can I make sure the colouris what I want?

A. We offer Pantone number as your colour reference. You can also find more reference from Pantone website. 

Please understand that the photos provided may not fully represent the true colour or nature of a particular item.  

Different devices may present colours with minor differences. Due to this discrepancy, we recommend you to request a swatch before purchasing fabrics from our online store.

Q. What is CYCLEPET®?

A. CYCLEPET® is a trademark registered by HOYU Textile.

CYCPEPET® is fabric made of post-consumer recycled polyester.  

Main applications are outdoor backpacks, garments…etc.

Q. What is Recycled Nylon?

A. Recycled nylon is the yarn produced from discarded threads in the weaving of nylon fabrics or from post-consumer waste of nylon fabrics. It is regenerated into new nylon yarn after the recycling process.

Q. What is ECONYL®?

A. ECONYL® is a trademark registered byAquafil

ECONYL® is 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from fishing nets, carpet fluff and other nylon waste.

  Purchasing Process  


Q. Purchasing Process

A. Choose products → Add into purchasing cart → Payment → Fill in receiving information → Purchase finishing

Q. What are the payment methods?

A. You can use Visa and Mastercard for PayPal. Your credit card information will be encrypted during the transaction and will NOT be saved in our RE:YU's database.

Q. How long will the shopping cart keep the products that I put in?

A. If you put products in the shopping cart without submitting your order, the cart will not keep your products.  Please note that you have to log in your member account to receive messages about your unfinished shopping.

 Shipping Information  


Q. How do I receive my parcel?

A. We cooperate with courier companies including SF Express (for China/Hong Kong/Macao) and DHL (for Asia/Europe/America/Oceania)

Q. Do RE:YU's merchandises send to my country? 

A. You can select the shipping destination in the order information. Please contact customer service if you cannot find your appointed country on the list.

Q. Is there any limitation for my ordering goods?

A. Due to the regulation from courier companies, we suggest the total weight of your ordering goods no more than 30kg if the shipping destination is international. For domestic shipping, we suggest the good's weight no more than 20kg.

  Shipping Process  


Q. How long can I receive my products after placing the order?

A. We will arrange the shipment within 3 working days after receiving your payment. The actual shipping time will depends on the shipping situation via courier company.

Q. How can I check the shipping status?

A. You can find the tracking number from the "ordering information" and check the latest shipping status through courier companies.


SF Express


* If you have any problems, please contact customer service. We will get back to you after one working day once receiving your questions.

All the shipping terms and policies could be revised or updated anytime. 

All the courier companies vary their shipping rate from time to time. The real shipping fee will based on the actual shipping fee shown while paying. Please also be aware that the buyer will be responsible for the import tax and surcharge if there is any due to different importing policies in different countries.

If your package arrived damaged, please take several pictures from different angles before unpackingand email the pictures with ordering number to info@hoyu.com.tw.

If your product is damaged during shipping, please email us the pictures with brief description to info@hoyu.com.tw, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Last updated: 2023/12/01