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Regenerated Nylon


"Walking along Slovenia’s Ljubljanica river, once famous for treasure hunters in Slovenia, Charles, the VP Marketing of HOYU, was visiting a well-established firm - Aquafil."

After working with recycled PET fabric for several years, we realised that we should not stand still and wait for environmental requirements from the brands. We should never stop improving ourselves in terms of recycled materials. Aquafil was referred to us for recycled nylon yarns through one of our clients in 2017. Since then, HOYU had already been working on products with less environmental impact for more than ten years. Having the same hands-on mentality toward sustainability, Aquafil and HOYU clicked right away. 

Aquafil, one of the leading players in the Polyamide 6 production, has been dedicated to the research of innovative and sustainable development for more than 50 years. To decrease the usage of virgin materials, they have successfully transformed finishing nets and old carpets into regenerated nylon yarns, ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon.

After working together for one year, Charles took a plane to Slovenia to get to know his business partner better. Walking along Ljubljanica river, once famous for treasure hunters in Slovenia, Charles was visiting Aquafil, a well-established firm that has been dedicated to environmental effort already in 1990. For Aquafil, it was the first time that a Taiwanese mill had visited them. It was a valuable experience for us to learn how abandoned fishing nets and carpets get collected, shredded and depolymerised. It is a real sustainable effort and we would like to pass it on by weaving the regenerative yarn into fabrics, offering them to our clients.